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Horn & Hardart Automat Concept

The Automat Concept

Hardart, who was born in Germany, purchased a European version of the Automat while on a visit to his homeland in Bavaria. Once it was back stateside, the partners knew their concept would need a good deal of refinement. They worked for the better part of a decade, perfecting the concept for the American market.

Why did Horn & Hardart work so hard on the Automat concept?

Horn & Hardart believed the Automat provided a superior dining experience in several key ways.


First, other small chains at the time varied substantially in quality based on who was actually preparing the food. Having a central prep area servicing many restaurants allowed for increased quality control and a consistently good product. Having a separate facility for food prep also increased the ease of food preparation hygiene.


The Automat allowed you to select your food directly from one of the window compartments without having to give your order to a server and wait for it to be delivered to your table. Considering the industries of fast food and fast casual, Horn & Hardart were certainly onto a dining experience that was to become quintessentially American and continue for more than 100 years.


You can’t underestimate the power of a unique dining experience. Horn & Hardart Automats were not only a novel and mind-capturing experience, they each had a distinct character. Each Automat captured the essence of its surrounding neighborhood and clientele — making them not only a destination for the locals, but also the perfect destination for time-crunched tourists trying to get a quick meal and a feel for the local neighborhood.